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Thread: rosacea and steroids

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    Default rosacea and steroids

    Hi all,

    I wonder; does anybody know if it might be a good thing to take a short course of oral steroids to calm the skin down after an IPL treatment that has left me very red and flushed and burning?

    Any advice is highly appreciated,


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    I don't see why not. I took a 2-3 day course of oral prednisone to break a horrible breakout from Accutane once. I've read some posts from people who have bad outbreaks of Seb. Derm. take a couple days of oral prednisone to break the inflammation with that as well. I think the dangers from oral corticoid steroids is in the continued usage, so using a 2-3 day course rarely to break a bad inflammation cycle I doubt be harmful. Obviously you'd want to run this by some physicians and do some more searching on it. :)

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