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Thread: Much Simpler Questionnaire, Please fill out!!!

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    Default Much Simpler Questionnaire, Please fill out!!!

    Hey based on nikkitns advise I have posted a much simpler.
    Please go to the address:

    It will literally take 60seconds to fill out.

    Thanking you


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    I filled out your questionaire until the last question, which struck me as bogus. (i.e. Incomplete, leading, unwieldy: it purports to rank work absences, yet non-rosacea illness isn't an option, etc.) The form couldn't be sumitted without a response to that question, so I canceled out.
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    Hi Zahn

    Perhaps you could enter some info in the "You can enter some introduction text here!" area at the beginning of your survey, so that it is made perfectly clear to all who participate. Especially for those who have not read your intro in your first thread!

    For those who have not read the first thread, it is here:

    Wishing you every success with your Thesis!

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