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    Default Aqueous cream

    Has anyone tried Aqueous Cream on their face or even as moisturiser for the body? Let me know even if you tried it even if it didnt suit you



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    I was told by my GP to use this in conjuction with canesten when he misdiagnosed my rosacea as dermatitis. All it's nice cool soothing effect did was to bring on horrendous rebound flushes that turned my face the colour of a tomato.


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    After being diagnosed with rosacea by my GP and after a 6 months of unscucessful treatments (maintly metro gel and oxytetracycline tablets), I was referred to a dermatologist.

    I was then given a prescription of Canesten HC cream and Nizoral shampoo. After a week or so of using the cream (the shampoo seems to do nothing), my forehead had completely cleared of redness and my cheeks simply looked a bit flushed. In the mornings my rosacea isn't even noticable.

    I just thought i would recommend this cream to anyone suffering from rosacea (if your GP says its ok) as it has really helped me out, i am not embarrassed about my condition any more and although the sun/extreme cold rarely gave my face pain, since the cannesten cream, I am in no physical discomfort.

    Hope this helps someone!

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    You might also want to check out this other thread on Aqueous Cream, posted just recently:

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