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Thread: IPL expert in Washington DC area

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    Default IPL expert in Washington DC area

    Does anyone have an IPL doctor to recommend in the Washington DC area?
    Has anyone been to the Washington Institute of dermatological laser surgery on M Street?

    My derm has recently started using a laser (Genesis photorejuvenation) that she says is good against diffuse redness, but i'd rather go to a more experienced practician.

    Thanks in advance for any referral or advice.

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    Hi Claire,

    Yeah, the laser institute on M Street is very expensive for rosacea treatments. I didn't choose them either.

    There is the Center for Laser Surgery headed by Dr. Robert Adrian. The main office is in the Tenleytown area of Washington, DC.

    I had 7 IPL treatments at the location. The nurse technicians usually provide the treatments.

    Unfortunately, my rosacea rebounded fairly quickly after the treatments. I don't think the nurse was aggresive enough with the settings. I received one pass instead of two or three passes with the IPL txs. Plus, they stopped at me seven treatments because my redness was clearing up. I think I could have used 2 or 3 more txs. But all well.

    Don't let this deter you from getting a consultation though. I am sure you can work out the settings and parameters with the staff if you want to move forward with the treatments. The nurse technicians are pretty skilled with the Quantum IPL device. Ask about other laser machines for rosacea too.

    Dr. Adrian's office will also work with you to get reimbursed by your insurance company. I think that's very kind of them. They usually charge $300-$350 per treatment and they will give you price breaks after the fifth treatment.

    The web link for the office is below. Best wishes towards a pale, flush-free future!


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