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    Dr. Nase has reported several times that a blod clot is esential to have a successful laser treatment, so as I was researching Vitamin K which coagulates the blood and I came across this information:

    Long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics may affect bacteria responsible for vitamin K synthesis in the intestines causing a vitamin K deficiancy.

    As many people on this forum have probably used antibiotics (myself included for 4 years) I thought there might be a connection between people who are laser resistant because they are "bleeders" due to the long term use of antibiotics. So I thought this might be some usefull information for those who are currently getting IPL or any kind of laser treatment to consider Vitamin K. Plus the supplement only costs like $5 so it couldn't hurt (unless you have a history of blood clotting problems).


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    It sounds interesting

    Can you please post a link to the article?


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    The information doesn't come from a study, but it is mentioned in many articles and if you just google search Vitamin K deficiency you'll find the same information here is a link look under the titles "food sources" and "side effects".

    Food Sources

    Vitamin K is found in cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, cereals, soybeans, and other vegetables. Vitamin K is also made by the bacteria that line the gastrointestinal tract.
    Side Effects

    Vitamin K deficiency is very rare and occurs when there is an inability to absorb the vitamin from the intestinal tract. Vitamin K deficiency can also occur after prolonged treatment with oral antibiotics.
    Individuals with vitamin K deficiency usually have an increased propensity to bruising and bleeding.

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    I thought Green Tea had a high amount of Vitamin K, but now, after reading a couple of other sources, I'm not sure. I'm seeing some conflicting information.

    Regardless, if you're wanting to make sure you've got enough K, you can probably just eat green leafy foods during the week or two coming up to your treatment and a few days afterward, just to make sure.

    It may be more important to avoid Ester-C, GSE, fish oil supplements, and aspirin/ibuprofen before and a few days after treatments.

    I'd like to hear others' opinions on this; my mother works in the hematology department of the local University Research Hospital--I've spoken with her about this and I got the feeling that this isn't a huge issue for people without specific coagulation problems. But, she doesn't deal with supplements much (those that will make coagulation more difficult, at least).

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