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Thread: The cure for facial Blushing......

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    Default The cure for facial Blushing......

    Please tell me what you think?

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    I think youll find that 99% of people would tell you straight away not to think about it. This operation is by no means a cure as it does not cure the problem completely and alongside this there are side effects principally compensatory sweating and thermoregulation impairment that have serious cnsequences on a persons well being. Take care and research this operation, but i would say never considerit...sorry

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    Please don't even consider this dangerous operation.

    Search the net more about the dangers and side-effects of ETS.

    There are many many more options for you out there.
    3 IPL and tried Accutane. Accutane stopped the oil flow but caused other problems. Now just using a mix of Sea Kelp and EGF every night.

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    Default its not worth the gamble.

    im also a suffer of hyperhidrosis and i can tell you i was going in for this operation and had my date, but after reading up on it i decided not to. read everything. you take a gamble with your life if you take this surgery. it can swing either way.

    someone jumped out of a hospital window cause of this surgery.

    you think rosecea is bad, if the surgery backfires on your body. your face can be so dry that the skin peels off like shredded paper. Your eye lid could fall. numbness in parts of body. exsessive sweating.

    and this is the simple stuff that can go wrong.

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