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Thread: Children, it's quite simple really...

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    Default Children, it's quite simple really...

    ...those that appreciate Dr. Nase's contributions can join his forum; those that don't can remain here. This way we can all be happy.

    It's amazing how much time some of you waste squabbling over minor diatribes and you don't even know each other, so why on earth you care what another unknown person thinks of you is beyond me. There are pages and pages of pure rubbish that sometimes it's hard to find anything that is actually related to rosacea! I truly feel for all rosacea forum moderators out there.

    It is so clear that the rosacea community has two extremely polarised opinions operating at opposite ends of the spectrum. Those that worship Dr. Nase and those that distrust him.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that Dr. Nase is trying to make a living as well. To do this he has to sell his rosacea book. The only way to really increase sales is to turn his name into a brand by constantly contributing to various rosacea communities. The more people see a doctor trying to help sufferers, the more likely his popularity will rise and thus in turn will his book sales.

    He has now also built up a reasonably strong following to such an extent that he is able to open up his own forum and get people to pay to read rosacea related information/contribute/interact with other specialists, with the added value that there will be no in-fighting. In addition to this there are many other ways to boost income notably via sponsorship as well as distributing members' names/ email addresses to rosacea related (drug/laser consultants) companies where marketing can be accurately targeted. Drug companies/ laser consultants will pay a lot of money for this. In fact, Dr. Nase in the past received referral payments from another laser consultant.

    Of course Dr. Nase's mode of income generation regarding his forum is hypothetically written here but it is the probable outcome.

    Anyway, this is in no way me being critical of Dr. Nase. I respect someone who is trying to earn a living and run a business AS LONG AS it is done in an ethical manner... it is up to us members to decide whether Dr. Nase operates in an ethical way. Once again I say, if you think he dose then join his forum but if you don't then stay here.

    It's very simple and will save us all a lot of wasted posting/reading.

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    I think the problem is that MOST members dont have the knowledge or the inclination to make such a decision. Some dont even want to - after all, they only come here to support and a little feel good hope.

    Hence, why the people who DO care are fighting to get their points across. Some people believe Dr Nase to be a god amongst me, other believe him to be villain. Both sides have plenty of fodder to throw around, yet the community as a whole is in limbo.

    Thing is, for this to stop, the community members will need to make some decisions. It is now clear that Dr Nase and his supporters can not coexsist with the opposition and their supporters. Hopefully, when Dr Nase opens his forum, the two groups can split and we can all have some peace again. Its sad to have it come to this, but what else is there to do?

    Personally, I dont post my own views regarding the situation anymore. It doesnt help anyone, and often gets me in trouble. But I will say that I do consider Geoffrey Nase a friend, and I am always trying to look out for his best interests (in one way or any other).


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    I totally support what Dr. Nase is doing to make money. Dr. Nase should be a millionaire for the help he has given me and others.

    If I were in his shoes, no way I would deal with ingrates such as Markus and others if all I was getting was some thank yous from a couple of online people. Am I selfish, is this a lack of ethics?

    He deals with Rosacea all day, wether it be his own or whatever he's doing in real life - whatever is left in him to come here and post stuff to help us online should be commended.

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