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Thread: Pulse dosing with Zinc and Enchinacea for Rosacea

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    Default Pulse dosing with Zinc and Enchinacea for Rosacea

    Hi Gang,

    I have been making my rounds with Naturopathic doctors for rosacea. They all like Zinc Gluconate for rosacea .......... as do the MDs. They also like pulse dosing with pure grade strong extract echinacea. Good for acne, papules and pustules from their reports.

    Only caution. High dose echinacea should not be taken for more than a month or it actually downgrades the skins immune system. I gather a good system would be 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 4 weeks on, etc if you want to try and see what naturopathic can do for you.

    Advice straight from the NDs. Dont take the capsules filled with dry extraxt leaves, take the liquid capsule that has isolated the primary part of the echninacea.

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    what is the suggested dosage for the zinc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miki
    what is the suggested dosage for the zinc.
    It is my understanding that no more than 100mg per day of Zinc should be taken. Probably half that is better. I take Zinc (not Zinc Gluconate - although I understand the difference is just in the binding of the mineral?) twice a day for a total of 44mg per day. I also read that long term use of Zinc in higher doses was not a good thing. But guess we are all used to seeing negative side effects attached to any drug or supplement.

    Not sure if taking Zinc has improved my Rosacea or not because I believe the Naturopathic approach with supplements and the like do take some time to 'kick in'.

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