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Thread: My 1 mg Accutane search & a magical compounding Pharmacy

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    Default My 1 mg Accutane search & a magical compounding Pharmacy

    I have contacted over 20 compounding pharmacies in the United States over the past week trying to find one that would make 1 mg accutane capsules. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up by posting this, but I found one pharmacy and spoke to a very nice lady there who said the lab can dispense the liquid in the accutane capsule into almond or olive oil and create a 1 mg dose without compromising the integrity of the medicine. (hope they're telling the truth) Now the only thing I need is to get my derm to agree to do this and fax them a prescription for me. I hope he will do this, but if not maybe I can get my regular doctor to do this for me because he seems to be more understanding? I'm not sure if only dermatologists can do this because of the new laws?? Anyways, I'll let you know how this goes. -Chris

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    That's great news, Chris. I'm not sure what the laws are there in NY, but here in Cali I believe Accutane/Iso can only be prescribed by a dermatologist (or so I was told). I did ask my GP loooong ago (Internal Med) and he said he's prescribed it on a number of ocassions.

    I'm sure with all the recent FDA legislature it'll be a pain in the ass to do it. i.e. You and your physician renewing it monthly via the website, only getting 1-3 months at a time, faxing your blood tests, etc.

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