Hi guys,

in 4 hours I plan to take my first dose of tetracyclin to treat my facial rosacea and ocular rosacea (meibomianitis in particular)
I will take 250mg tetracyclin 4 times a day for at least 1 month, but not much more cause I want to take itraconazole shortly thereafter followed by accutane.

I just wondered, will this do any good? should I have taken doxycyclin instead of or is it OK as long as I take it 4 times a day? is it only speed of action, absorption and accumulation but not anti-inflammatory actions that differ? Would 150-200 mg doxcycyklin be better for 1-2 months course?

I have some staph infection in my eyelids that Im a bit worried about. Last year on doxycyklin I got severe infections twice, first time when I dosed down from 200 mg to 100 mg, next time when I used cloramphinecol eyedrops for 4 days. I hope not this will happen again (have to know more about dealing with acute staph infection in the eyelids).

thanks for any responses, hope that somebody has some experiences with tetracyclines cause most opthas on the net say doxycyclin while most optha in real life say tetracyclin, seems like there is some lemming-effect.