Hi everyone,
I have a few questions. My nose swells during the night and then goes down after being up for a while. Gravity I guess. The tip has been swollen though for some time, not overly big, but enough for me to notice. It isn't hard it's still mushy. Wouldn't this be the best time to use Accutane to bring it down and if I did use accutane would this permanently keep my nose from swelling again or would I need future treatments and the swelling I get over night, would that diminish it to.. It would be a great help if someone could explain to me how accutane works. And also why does my nose swell in the first place and why doesn't the fluid sink back into whatever hole it came out of..
I am saving for laser, but if I could convince my DERM to give me lose does accutane I would want to start that first. I'll be making an appointment next week for sometime in January with my derm and if he doesn't give me Accutane I'll go to another. I know they are cracking down on this Med, but giving in low dose you'd think it would be ok.. Why couldn't they just see that accutane will give a lot of people hope and a big part of their life back just to be on it.. And to all those who are on Accutane,,,, don't give up any hope, your on it!!! be happy,, you know it will take time on such a low dose so for me even if it takes over a year my feelings on the inside will be a lot happier,I'll get up each morning and still look in the mirror, but I won't be sad because I know one day I'll wake up to a pleasant surprise and if it doesn't work then at least I've tried one route and I'll just go on to the next, but you can't give up hope,if you do it'll beat you instead of the other way around. I can't wait to start,,just knowing it's(accutane) coursing through my system and working it's way to the infection is better then not doing anything and waiting for some other miracle to happen.
Along with the nose my cheeks are red along with my chin, NO P&P's just a few pin like pimples on side of chin. That's another reason I"m saving for laser treatments. I have a few veins showing and I only started showing symptoms in may and it's progressed a lot since then. I'm redder in the morning now after a long sleep on my back so I am assuming it is because of the dryness of the heaters being on.. Cold weather has hit us all of a sudden and I wasn't like this before the coldness struck.(my cheeks being redder) I'm dealing with a lot like a lot of others are here and I have my up days and down days, but I'm not giving up, I can't, my kids and husband need me and I need myself.. I'm glad for this forum so that we can vent out everything when we are feeling low and get lots of support. So to all those who read this,and to all those who can help answer my question I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Good luck to all and have the best Christmas ever and an even happier New Year,, For the New Year will bring hope and peace and a new beginning for us all,, so look to the future and be strong, we will conquer all!!,,