Hello Everyone,

I have posted several times about this issue before. I am sure some of you can remember me. I am 22 year old university graduate who lives in Turkey. I have been looking for opportunities to go abroad to have IPL treatments. As a Turkish citizen, it's difficult for me to get visa for countries such as USA, Canada, UK or Australia. I need to find a language school or something like that to get a visa. But that would be so costly and I am unable to finance both my treatments and school. Therefore, I have to find something else.

I heard about poeple who went abroad as an au pair, living in other people's houses, looking after their children and taking care of housework. I wonder if any of you needs such a person and accept me. I also wonder if you can recommend me to your friends. If any of you can help me with that issue, I will be glad to introduce myself in more depth. UK is the closest place to my home country but I will also be happy to go USA, Canada or Australia.

I am hoping to improve my condition by IPL and return back to my country to work and carry on my life.

I hope there are poeple who can help me about this issue.

All take care.

Of course, I can fight with loneliness..