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Thread: I have 10 & 20 mg accutane pills, help me make 2.5 mg...

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    Hmm that's really interesting Irish, thanks for your response. So the accutane keeps the cysts in check and the estrogen reduces flushing? Is that why you take this combination?

    EDIT: Wooops, sorry I just posted this before reading your response in the other post in the General section. So you've already answered my question above...thanks!

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    Thanks for advice

    I have started taking the evening primrose - and seeing as my derm is out of the country for a month I'm going to have to dose down the isotretinoin myself - will just mean wasting some (& money!) Ill just have to squeeze out a fair bit of the contents and just take whats left.
    That is until I can persuade my derm to let me have the lower capsules.

    I was told that the 10mg werent available? - but then again the hospital I get mine from only stocks a generic form, which only comes in 5, 20, & 40. I only want the 5's! I hate the way you have to fight tooth and nail to get anything.

    By the way - Happy new year everyone.

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    What kind of Vacutainer Tubes you are using?
    I couldn't find any Vacutainer Tube that is opaque..

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