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Thread: inflammed lower eye lids trigger flushings, burning, headach

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    Default inflammed lower eye lids trigger flushings, burning, headach


    Just wondered why inflammed inner lower eyelids, and irritated lower eyelids (from artificial tears) do trigger flushings, eyelid and facial burning plus tension headaches for me. This is really something bad for me. I know that the state of the inner lower eyelids determines a hell lot for my well-being, this is not necessarily a cosmetic problem as the redness is hidden. A big problem with inflammation in this are is that, you cant see the problem from outside - so initially doctors thought I was crazy. Also, when they finally recognised the inflammation they didnt believe that I had burning cause they didnt see any burning
    I dont understand howcome meibomianitis should cause so many problems for me, are there certain nerve chaines in the inner lower eyelids?

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    You OK? You have been conspicuous by your absence this weekend. I look at the board and don't see "fanta" posting everywhere at once! I thought you were going to try to beat me in number of posts--better get busy!
    Maybe your eyelids are not triggering your headaches, but you are having migraines. Migraines are common in us rosaceans due to our blood vessels being prone to spasms. How bad are your headaches? If the artificial tears are irritating your eyelids, don't use them. Are you using the kind with preservatives? I remember when I used to wear contacts, before I ever recognized that I had rosacea, I was very sensitive to the contact lens solutions and had to use the kind without preservatives. I use Patanol now for my ocular rosacea; it is very effective for me. It's prescription and expensive, but you've got national health care over there, right?

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    Fanta be very careful when it comes to eye drops. You really should not be using artificial tears. For the short term your eyes can cope reasonably well with this "foreign matter" but in the long term they struggle to manage. Introducing synthetic ingredients to any part of the body that tries to mimick something natural does not work without side-effects.

    You have to make sure your eyedrops contains absolutely no preservatives, no steroids and no synthetic substances. You need to start using natural eyedrops that soothe the eyes rather than spray vaseline-type stuff into them to keep them moist, it doesn't work.

    There are natural eyedrops out there that can really make a difference for your eyes but they are quite hard to track down over the net. I've been looking into this because since I am planning on going on accutane I want to make sure my eyes aren't safe.

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    Default Bradley,

    I've been using artificial tears for a while after that my doctor recommended it to me.
    It doesn't seem to help a lot really but I'm better when I use them compare to when I'm not using them.

    Can you give me an example for natural eyedrops?
    23 years old, from Sweden.
    Had my first Rosacea breakout during my pregnancy 2004

    I've tried Metronidazol cream and Tetracyclin but without any improvment

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