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Thread: found this on the net

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    Default found this on the net

    k was searching google for treatments for roscea and found this.

    take a look guys have a good read u think it could work? i doubt it but i think maybe its worth a try.

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    yes, that cream will heal my leaky and genetically incorrect blood vessels.

    (this is sarcasm...)

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    Actually this is the UK supplier of the Purple Emu Anti-Red cream - and it certainly can be effective depending on what sub-type of rosacea you have. It wont help correct damaged blood vessels, but when I stopped using hydrocrtisone cream to handle my sebderm, I used this instead as a hydrocortisone substitute, and it not only lessened the rebound effect of steroid withdrawl, it did indeed take a lot of the redness away from my face, and arrested the P&Ps that I had been getting. So there :wink:

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