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Thread: Accutane, alternative medication

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    With the FEDS cracking down on Accutane and alot of doctors unwilling to prescribe it, does anyone know of any other medication that will do the same, or at least close to what Accutane does?
    I haven't done much research yet but t seems to me that with all of the medications, either natural or otherwise, there should be something out there that would work.
    Any ideas?


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    The problem with accutane is more at higher may actually have trouble getting a script for it because some derms don't recognize low-dose dosages as beneficial in any way.

    Dr. Nase posted something about an newer drug that's similar in action to low-dose accutane, though the name escapes me right now--I don't think it's passed FDA approval, though. Well, that's for US people, at least.
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