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Thread: 1% Metrogel

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    Default 1% Metrogel


    No major news here, but I did want to say that if you are responding well to the first version of metrogel, this is a much better version based on the percentage and the inactive ingredients:

    1. 25% increase in anti-inflammatory metronidazole
    2. Uses a very good carrier molecule for the drug - betadex
    3. Less propylene glycol because of betadex
    4. Hydroxyethyl cellulose makes the gel less apt to give you the dry taut feeling that some notice
    5. Addition of niacinamide may have a minor positive action on papules and redness, but it is a very low concentration

    Some do actually respond to this topical so it is worth trying the new version to compare.



    Dr. Geoffrey Nase
    Ph.D. Neuro-Vascular Physiologist
    Rosacea Research Specialist & Consultant

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    Default Noritate vs. new Metrogel

    How would you compare Noritate to the new Metrogel?

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    I use Noritate & would be curious to hear response to that. Noritate is somewhat effective at reducing/clearing papules for me.

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