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Thread: Dr Darm, 2 months post treatment report

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    Default Dr Darm, 2 months post treatment report

    Hi all –

    This is a long post!

    I seem to remember I said I would post occasional updates as my IPL with Dr Darm went through its healing phases. I am going to cross post this in a couple places.

    I am now almost exactly 2 months post treatment.


    Have had Rosacea for at least 12 years, much longer than that I am sure.

    Prior to beginning IPL I had very bad P&P, (sometimes giant hives as well) cosmetic intolerance; some long lasting flushing, and was in the beginning stages of neural burning. As a note, keeping my allergies and histamine levels under control are important to keeping the Rosacea under control as well.

    I have basically proved resistant to treatment by most topicals (maybe all, the list is extensive). In addition, I develop allergies pretty easily, and have now developed an allergy to Doxycycline (the rash on my face and stomach, of course, did not improve the condition of my facial skin)

    Before seeing Dr Darm I had 4 IPL at a good local center, but it seems it was basically the "rejuvenation" format. At the time I went in my skin had become so chronically irritated it had actually begun to thicken. It was the first treatment I tried to really make a dent in the disease (this was early 2005), but the results were not long lasting and the flushing component was getting worse. This first series, however, seems to have resolved the neural burning.

    I then had 1 Vbeam at the suggestion of my new derm. The plus: I actually got a couple small spots of clearance!!! The minus: this treatment hit me so hard it literally took 4-6 months to heal. I stayed swollen for 3 –4 weeks (no wrinkles J ) and had neural burning again for the full 6 months (gradually getting better over time of course).

    This was about the time lots of discussion was happening on the RS board, and I decided to see Dr Darm for a series of 4 treatments on the condensed protocol.

    The treatment was surprisingly gentle compared to my previous ones. I posted on this earlier and so have others, so if you want more info on the treatment itself do a search.

    The results so far:

    The GOOD:

    This is so far the most effective thing I have done. My skin is more resilient, less reactive to food and environment, lower flush levels (maybe 30 Better during a flush, maybe 40% fewer flushs) and less P&P (Darn if this is not approaching a 70 % improvement, holding my breath to see if it holds up.

    The BAD news:

    Double Darn – I still have Rosacea.

    I have spots of clearance, and spots that are pinker – I am kind of uneven, though not too bad, makeup hides it fine. I still have to watch what I eat etc.

    My nose was the worst area, and still is. Some of the broken veins are back, and my nose flushes much worse than everything else. And I still have some specific areas with P&P problems.

    So clearly, I am not quite done with IPL/Laser yet. RATSc I was hoping this series of treatments would get me to the "maintenance" stage, but there is more to come yet.

    I’ll wait one more month to get closer to the final healing results, then make my plans I guess.

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    Well I guess it's always good to get some kind of improvement with this, but when I think of making that trip to Dr. Darm I think about getting at least 3 quarters of this overall thing under control ya know? There's just no guarentee on anything and it's so tough when you save all that money and within a short time it may be all gone and you still have rosacea. I hope you continue to improve and I wish you the best. -Chris

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    Actually I am very pleased with the results. My rosacea is considered resistant to topical and oral treatment, and partially resistent to laser, so I think this was a good result.

    It is just that with 5 previous treatments I had hoped 4 would be enough. I am now wishing I had hung around for a couple more while I was up there.

    But how do you know ahead of time. Even now I would not say this is the final result for another month or twol

    If other stuff gets you under control, great. If you are in my boat and NOTHING else is really helping much, it is worth it.

    Some day I hope to eat tomatoes again!

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