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Thread: Anyone who took antibiotics long term here ?

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    Default Anyone who took antibiotics long term here ?

    Hi folks,

    In my country the standard treatment is long term oral antibiotics regimen for severe cases of rosacea. I know one who got much better after having taken 40mg accutane/day for a short while and then followed a long term tetracycline treatment, 2 years non-stop. Just wondered if any others here have been on antibiotics long term and experienced significant improvement. To some extent long term antibiotics should do the same as isotretinoin and could be far better option for those with ultrasensitive blood vessels. We all know that 12-24 months of tetracycline is comparable to 4 month on accutane for those having severe acne so wondered how effective it is for rosaceans.

    Thanks for any comments


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    I have been on clarithromycin and then doxycycline for 6-10 months, can't remember exactly how long. I think antibiotics work quite well for p&p, but do nothing for flushing. I'm really not sure if Accutane does anything for flushing. I've used it in the past for regular acne, and now I worry about skin thinning, though I can't tell if my skin has been thinned just by looking at it. I don't want to take Accutane now; I'm scared of the side effects since I've gotten older. You read that package insert, and it is really scary. I might take it if they had that .5 mg. dose available, but I don't know if they ever will.

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    Well I think it all depends on your symptoms, if you have swelling and rhinophyma I guess its really worth taking accutane. However, if your sebaceous glands are not complete crazy it may not be worth it, your skin dries out and gets in a bad shape both short term while on it (short is often at least a year) as well as long term (potential thinning). I think you need 40-80 mg/kg (3-5 grams accumulated) to get a good long term effect and thats a problem for those being very sensitive, they would need to take it for many many years. Dr. Nase told us he took 10mg half a year, then every other day half a year, latest recall was 10mg a day for a year and then 10mg every other day for some time - no matter what, he took at least 3-5 grams. Bettina she told us that she took 10mg for 18 months, thats about 5 grams accumulated.
    Sad that there hasnt been performed more detailed studies on this so we dont take too much, not too little. I dropped out of it and have to look for alternatives, hope that clarithromycin will help me.

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