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Thread: Any who cannot use LRP Toleriane products? pls ro

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    Default Any who cannot use LRP Toleriane products? pls ro

    Just wondering what problems you hadwith either the cleanser or the moisturizer and if you found something that you can use.

    It seems as if everytime I wash with the derm-calming my cheeks get very pink and hot. Same thing happens when I use the facial fluid but it usually takes a few days for this to happen. What ingredient could it possibly be since there are so few in either of them,


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    I can't use their Dermo cleanser at all and although I can use Rosaliac "skin perfecting" gel, it doesn't do a thing for me.

    I can use their hydrating fluid. It has hardly any ingredients and is amazing. I can use their Rosaliac cleanser, too. It's similar to Spectro Jel in consistency. There is a film forming ingredient in there, (which I usually avoid like the plague) but it doesn't seem to bother me.

    As far as what ingredient it could be, god knows, but that cleanser is rather emollient and does indeed leave a film. Strangely enough, I've used their bar soap and it was fine, but I was too paranoid to use it daily...
    25 year old male, 20mgs Accutane daily.
    10mg's of Singulair daily (bonus that it helps with my asthma! lol)

    Shave w/ Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, Sensor Excel razor. (Used to use Mach3, but tried Sensor and won't go back!)

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    I tried the dermo cleanser and didn't like it. It didn't make me flush but my skin didn't feel clean. It also clogged my pores.

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    I use the dermo cleanser to remove makeup. I use Jane Iredale makeup so it needs its own step for removal. The Toleraine dermo cleanser works great for that. Then I use Aveeno balancing bar which is in the form of a soap but it is not a soap.

    I constantly switch my products to keep a step ahead of the beast because I have found that if I use the same product consistently, it will develop a reaction to it.

    So, I switch off with Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream as a makeup remover and Linda Zy's oatmeal cleanser for cleaning.

    For moisturizers, I use both of the Toleraine products plus two Clarins moisterizers. Clarins has a (very pricey) sensitive skin care line. I constantly switch between these moisterizers. Sometimes I can get away with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture. This helps to keep costs down if I can use that once a week. Ha! That's a joke! Small economies and then thousands for IPL!
    - Rachel Rose

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