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Thread: Metrotop for Rosacea?

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    Default Metrotop for Rosacea?

    Can you use Metrotop for Rosacea?

    It has the same active ingredient(Metronidazole) as Metrogel and Noritate,
    but everything I've found on the net about Metrotop talks about treating infected wounds, not Rosacea.

    I got this Metrotop on prescription from my Dr. I wanted metrogel or noritate but they weren't on the drs list of meds, metrotop was the only one that was. But to be honest I don't think she knew much about Rosacea at all.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yeah Metronidazole, no matter what the brand name, is still the same thing. You can use it for rosacea, however I doubt you will see any improvement if you do use it.

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    Default Metrotop doesn't work?

    Hi, I am confused as well. I am here in the UK and was prescribed Metrotop today for the first time -- and the indications say nothing about rosacea, only about smelly wounds. What's more, I've applied it to my face this evening and it didn't seem to absorb into my skin. It was sticky and created a thin layer that later seemed to dry up and peel off in flakes. Is this normal? Or am I somehow applying it incorrectly?

    Lastly --- why are you saying Metrotop won't work for rosacea? I thought Metronidazole was the most common and effective treatment?

    Many thanks,


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    No it sounds about right. I apply it at night and after a bit it flakes and starts to peel. It works for some and not others. Many rosaceans find that it is the standard first line treatemtn that is the extent of most doctors knowledge.

    Have hope, you may be a lucky one. For me it really increases redness and so I only apply it on any paps


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    I use MetroCream and it does not flake. Are you all talking about a formulation with different base, like a gel? I found the gel would create a film and dry and come off in flakes. It dried my skin out, which made it irritated, which made me flare... Using the cream based formulation I have none of these problems.

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