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Thread: German rosacea info and forum

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    Default German rosacea info and forum

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    thanks a lot, warren.

    having german as first language and using internet ever since i wonder why i never noticed existence of this forum...

    i can add another link (support group in germany):

    nice idea, but it looks as there's commercial interest behind that...

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    Hello everyone,

    just discover this forum after an e-mail message from Warren. I am the webmaster for, which is also a non-commercial website and set up and run by volunteers for the benefit of those with rosacea.

    If you are able to read German, have a look at A warm welcome awaits you at our website. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    There will be many ways for both rosacea groups to collaborate and help each other out.

    All the best, stay well, and good luck,
    Florian - Rosacea website in German language including an large discussion forum for patients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg

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