I'm looking for a laser that will put a long stop to my cystic acne and abnormal sebum production. I have literally hundreds of blackheads and continue to get cystic pimples that leave marks and orange peel looking skin. At 20 years old I'm not so sure this will ever stop? What laser can do this and not have a negative effect on my rosacea? (accutane does not work for me, drys out eyes terribly)

My forehead, nose area, mouth, and chin area are my worst spots for cysts and I don't have much of a rosacea problem in these areas. My cheeks have the rosacea and luckily so far, I don't get bad cystic pimples there very often. Just whiteheads here and there. Any suggestions? Please help. Thankyou. -Chris Long Island, NY

**PS- I pray I don't get teh paules and pustules that go along with the roscaea, just out of curiosity...are the cystic pimples I get maybe a part of my rosacea and I don't realize it? I'm just trying to differentiate between regular cystic acne that people get and acne rosacea? Thanks.