Hi Group,

Before I tell you this information, you all have to promise not to call, email or fax Dr. Hein. He is extremely busy. He is a PhD Microvascular Physiologist just like myself but going through the rigorous tenure track Professorship route -- bless his heart. Please do not contact him -- he barely has time to eat a two minute lunch.

Remember I was trying to detail what we could do as Medical Physiologists and that we had access to medications that were applied to humans in a clinical setting (Pharmaceutical company) or University Setting -- Biomedical research Scientist. Well, Travis has Aphagan-P in his hands right now and is testing it -- quite ironic. The thing that I really wanted to point out is that he is testing it on the eye and those vessels respond differently than the facial skin -- it actually induces vasodilation in the eye to some extent, but in the facial vessels is an excellent constrictor. It just shows you how complex each part of the body is -- the transduction pathway in the eye leads to vasodilation, whille the tranduction pathway in the facial blood vessels leads to constriction -- two organs so close together, yet so different.

Please once again, this is a sample of what the other board will be like. Quick dissemination of information, but you cannot contact him like Jim Fey or like I was contacted everyday at the lab and had the Department's Fax machines backed up. Please respect that. He cannot give any out either. This is just quick dissemination of information. Literally updates at the end of a scientific day to stimulate minds, fast track everything and keep rosacea sufferers literally a year to a year and a half ahead of the first issue to print on the subject. If each scientist had to wait 1 year to find out information than build on it, it would take 10 years to make 10 big strides. If they post twice a week on the latest information to a professional forum (with rosacea sufferers), it only takes a little over a month or two to make those same strides ----- not 10 years.

I dont want to come off too strongly on this approach, but the only way this will work is by letting them update the forum a couple times a week and join the forum when they have free time for questions. Otherwise they will be scared away. These guys have many projects going and I am trying to squeeze in one rosacea project with each. You guys are great at doing research and contacting the right people, but the University setting is off limits. Now the Jim Fey setting is on limits because that is what they are doing -- I bet he has gotten at least one to two hundred calls or emails already.

Give me your feedback if you have any suggestions, if you think this would work, or if you honestly think your fingers would be to tempted to call. If that is the case we could just name these people Dr. X from University Y -- but that is cold and impersonal and other scientists and MDs dont know who to contact. Email from Travis below:

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for the exciting update. Interestingly, I am writing a paper on the effect of brimonidine (also tried Alphagan-P) on retinal arterioles. Brimonidine elicits a heterogeneous response in retinal arterioles with vasodilation of first-order vessels and slight constriction of second-order vessels.