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Thread: skin texture

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    Default skin texture

    Will IPL make my skin texture back to normal and reduce poor size

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    It's possible, yes. It might not bring it back to the normal you want, but it might be able to bring back what was normal for you...whatever that may be.

    It's said IPL can reduce pore size by 1/3, but I'm not entirely convinced. If the redness/texture is treated, everything will look much better for sure.
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    I'm not convinced at all.

    Looked fine, smooth as a baby's butt and all that, until about 4 weeks later.

    I am NOT on the IPL bandwagon.
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    I have decided that if I have to go every four weeks for IPL just to maintain some kind of normalcy I will do that. Five IPLs have gotten me to the point where I have been able to return to work 25-30 hours a week. Before I found Dr. Nase's book, I was in too much pain to work at a computer monitor. I would work as much as I could but it was horrible. If I quit IPL, I lose that. If IPL can keep me hanging in there on a thread, then ok. Two years max and the cure. If I can just maintain a holding pattern until the cure or something resembling it comes along...
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    Why do you say once you quit IPL, you go to feeling pain again? How long have you quit and how fast did it come back?

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    I have had 8 IPL treatments and 3 V Beam treatments. My flushing and redness are better but my skin texture is worse. The pores on my nose are much bigger now, 2 months after my last V Beam session.

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