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    New to group. I suffer from mild redness and flushing. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Noredol. Is this just another product with empty promises? It claims to reduce redness(without covering it up). The ingredients are below:

    water, Noredol™ (1,4-cyclohexanediol),
    glycerine, riboflavin, panthenol, inositol,
    oderless garlic extract, aloe vera extract,
    zinc chloride, EDTA, carbomer sodium salt.

    The website is

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Bump !

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    Yea, I bought this a few weeks ago and tried it. It does seem to reduce the redness some, but I didnt like it enough to keep using it. It didnt seem to rub in all the way and was a little shiny, plus it wasnt moisturizing enough for me. It did seem to help the redness on my nose alot, but not as much on the cheeks. Maybe I didnt use it long enough. I have since started using the cool, calm and corrected moisturizer and that seems to be really helping, I like that one more. Since Im not going to be using the Noredol anymore, I could send it to one of you guys for free. Im probably just gonna throw it out anyway. There are some good testimonials on the site so maybe it works better for others. Its the large size so it would last a couple months probably. Let me know if anyone wants it.

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