Hi Dr. Nase,
First, I'd like to thank you for writing your book. I wish I'd had it about 18 months ago, when my skin started changing, heck I wish I'd had it years ago, so I could have maybe prevented some of the celluar damage.
I have a question about a couple things. I'm wondering how cosmetic fillers would affect rosacea. Because we can't tolerate topical cosmetics to reduce signs of aging, I'm wondering if we would react similiarly to other cosmetic treatments used to treat those little lines and wrinkles, like restlyne or fat injection. I know IPLs work and use them for the rosacea, with the added benefit of rejuvination, but are there additional options, for us, as well? Also, I used to be a lover of facials. The relaxation and pampering were wonderful, and my skin always looked clearer and felt softer and renewed. Do you think facials are out for those of us with rosacea or can we have facials using milder products? Some spas even have rosacea facials. I really don't want to schedule anything until I know what damage, if any, a facial could do.