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Thread: Face visor is working!

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    Default Face visor is working!

    Several of you contacted me by private email to get my feedback on the adjustable face visor I've been wearing for sun protection. So far so good. I bought two visors from The site is also listed on rosaceagroup under SkinCare Reviews (other) -- RG really does have all the latest info! Anyway, someone asked if they're comfortable. Well, the other day I was sitting in my backyard (something I haven't been able to do for years), and I went to take a sip from my water bottle and it hit the visor shield. My husband started laughing. The point is, the visor is so lightweight I forgot I had it on. It's easy to adjust though, and I just slightly tilted the shield and was able to chug away to my heart's content. Another comfort consideration -- heat. I was worried that it might get hot under the shield and lead to flushing, but I've found just the opposite. Just like tinted car windows, it creates a cooling effect. I'm also looking forward to using the visor in the winter, as the facevisor website says it can be used for wind protection. Probably not gale force winds though!

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    Thanks for this info. I worried that the face visor would make my face too hot so it's nice to know this is not the case.

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    Did you get the regular or full face shield? This is something I am going to buy, as I like to garden, but have not been able to do much this summer. I waited until almost dark to go prune grapevines yesterday, but still flushed due to the heat and had p&p this morning. Now if they would just come out with a lightweight portable fan for the face!

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    Default Face Visor is Working!

    I ordered two visors -- one full shield and one regular. The full shield I use in my car and backyard. It covers my entire face to the edge of my ears (kind of like a welder's mask). It's great, but looks a little too "Star Trek" to wear in public. I use the regular shield visor in public (shield up or down). Hope this info helps.

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