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Thread: Finacea not available in Canada

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    Default Finacea not available in Canada

    Went to a new derm the other day and he mentioned that Finacea is not available in Canada.

    I'm not looking for it, as I understand it only works for a small minority of people, but I'm always curious when one country considers a drug safe for use and another decides it isn't. I mean....are Canadians physically different from Americans? If a drug has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective (which it should be if it has been approved for sale) then it should be safe and effective regardless of international borders. I must be naive.

    Funny stuff, this.
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    Different country, different FDA.
    No "different" than American dr's. Canadian (or American) dr's have no say in what gets passed. That responsibility is the FDA's and the dr's and other various people within it.
    Another possible reason is good ol bureaucracy. A good example of that would be the approval (or lack thereof) of the newer sunscreen filters.

    It's safe. Drugs don't know what nationality you are. LOL

    This happens all the time. It's just that we haven't approved it yet. This proeess takes forever and usually costs millions of dollars.

    I've heard great things about it, I wish it were approved.
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