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Thread: Finding info on pulse-dosing with clarithromycin after IPL

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    Default Finding info on pulse-dosing with clarithromycin after IPL

    Hi everyone,
    I started my series of IPL treatments today beginning with the 1064 YAG laser. My face looks okay and isn't too red or inflammed except for a few small raised lumps on my cheek.
    My neck is covered in quite alot of raised lumps as I had my neck treated as well as I flush quite badly there. Other than that, my face seems okay.

    I was just wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction of some information regarding pulse-dosing with macrolide antibiotics / clarithromycin after IPL.
    I'm trying to convince my IPL doc to prescribe me some after my next IPL treatment and I was hoping to perhaps find some medical literature or maybe a previous post by Dr. Nase on the topic so I can show my IPL doc the next time I see him.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    Cheers - Trav

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    Here are some files I've saved. Might check out the escribe archive of the support site and search that.

    >>Hi there,

    Below is a small abstract about the use of Clarithromycin after
    laser by Dr Nase. As to why this drug possesses anti-angiogenesis
    properties, I hope someone better qualified than myself can answer
    that one. All I know is that it has worked wonders since I've been
    on it.

    The goal of treatment with Clarithromycin XL after laser is to
    decrease angiogenesis (reformation of blood vessels). The time
    period that strong angiogenic signals are released seems to start at
    about day 6 or 7 after laser treatmentand last through days 17
    through 21 then angiogenesis calms down by itself.

    BTW, a couple interesting recent articles about dentists using
    Clarithromycin XL after dental procedures in order to keep facial
    swelling to a minimum.

    Also an excerpt from Dr Nase's book which is a must have buy if you
    already don't have it:

    Clarithromycin is a recently synthesized macrolide antibiotic that
    possesses strong anti inflammatory actions. Clarithromycin is also
    highly bioavailable, extremely long acting, can be taken with or
    without food and has very few side effects.

    As for your query about antioxidants, with most rosacea skin the
    antioxidant system is not normal, mainly due to the system being
    overwhelmed by free radicals hence resulting in damage to blood
    vessels. This can result in structural damage, increased blood flow
    and inflammation. In such cases, oral supplementation with
    antioxidants, may protect the blood vessels from damage and reduce

    I think oral supplementation with antioxidants should be seen as
    more of a maintenance system and complimentary to your other
    treatments. They are also a fantastic way to protect from further
    damage. Concentrate on Ester C, Grape Seed Extract and Pycnogenol.

    The same can be said for oils such as Flaxseed and Borage Oils. Oil
    supplementation can reduce the severity of inflammatory skin
    disorders and help repair the protective epidermal barrier.

    Hope this helps,


    --- In, "mrgabe70" <mrgabe70@y...>
    > What exactly is it about Clarithromycin that give it
    > powers?
    > After the blood has clotted and left the system, would using oils
    > flaxseed oil and antioxidants like grapeseed extract also aid in
    > preventing angiogenesis?
    > Thanks!

    --- In, "mrgabe70" <mrgabe70@y...>
    > My first IPL is scheduled for this month. My MD says to avoid all
    > triggers atleast 3 days after the IPL. Is this long enough? I am an
    > avid gym goer and even 3 days without going to avoid flushing will


    Your MD is on the right track, but should have recommended at least 10
    to 14 days (I know it hurts when you want to lift). In dozens of
    studies on rosacea and port wine stains, it takes treated vessels
    about 2 to 5 days to drop out of the network and be absorbed by the
    skin. Days 5 through 10/14 are the most important days for vessel

    A known fact in vascular physiology is that when an area of skin is
    being re-vascularized, any abnormal increase in blood flow will
    increase the number of blood vessels grown in that area. Technical --
    shear stress across blood vessels from lifting increases release of
    VEGF, which in turn stimulates angiogenesis.

    Once most of the new microvascular environment is set up, then shear
    stress is not an important factor. Worth the wait.



    Hope this helps.

    35 year-old male
    Erythmatotelangiectatic rosacea & Ocular
    20 + laser treatments.
    Toleraine Soothing Light Facial Fluid for moisturizer. I don't use a special cleanser. Clonidine daily; klonopin sometimes.
    BEST and CURRENT TREATMENT I use: Low-Level Red Light Therapy LED array.
    Please feel free to PM me with your low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) questions. I'm happy to help if I can.

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    Thanks so much for the information, much appreciated. I'll go and have a look through those archives.

    Thanks - Trav

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