Wow! This is exciting! I commend Dr. Diaz for his willingness to participate and help out fellow Rosacea sufferers. Plus, it's nice that he's in the South since up until now most all "experts" were located in the West Coast. It gives people in that region of the US a closer drive/flight. As a Californian I was really beginning to feel sorry for those Easterners/South Easterners.

Also nice that he's a plastic surgeon. I like the idea of physicians with all sorts of different backgrounds getting together on _really_ making some progress in terms of treatments - and perhaps even eventually finding the cure. Dr. Nase mentioned this before, and I can't agree more; we really need to have all sorts of physicians looking at this disease. Just dermatologists will get us absolutely no-where (as we've been witness to). To have all these different breeds of physicians looking in will be a great help!

Edit: I have no idea why this posted in its own thread. My apologies. It was meant to be a reply to Dr. Nase's original email thread with Dr. Diaz.