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    Default Upcoming survey

    I will be updating the survey on the front page and I want to know every question that should be included for the next survey which will be active for 6-12 months. The survey software supports 'branching' surveys (set conditions on whether individual questions will display) and lots of other features.

    Current Questions (I will update this as people post replies)
    Age when you first develop rosacea

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    Default Re: Upcoming survey

    just some things in no specific order

    did you have acne
    . when did it first occure - age
    . at which age did it dissapeare
    . severity of acne
    . has it been treated
    . treatment options (topicals, antibiotics, isotretinoin)

    do you have other skin problems (like SD....)
    . list...

    are there cases of rosacea in your family
    . (maybe with a list of relatives to choose from and severity)

    what is your skin type
    . list

    do you have allergies
    . list

    a list of topicals where you can choose if you use them / good / bad reactions
    . like makeup, sunscreens, soap, moisturizers, whatever

    list of treatments to choose and if they did help or not

    list of triggers (yes, no, slighty, sever reaction)

    a part of questions to characterize one's rosacea, some examples
    . can you tan
    . regions where flushing occures
    . regions with permanent redness
    . regions that are sensitiv
    . regions with swelling
    . seasonal fluctuations?
    . times of year

    i guess the more information we get the better output we can expect. all the surveys i've seen so far are to shortsighted, focusing only on few questions.

    if we succeed in getting enough people to go throw this survey - and, that will be the hard part - find someone that is good in statistics (its not that easy as it might look) we could get some valuably information.

    maybe even some correlations no one was thinking about before.

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