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Thread: I am using Nioxin as a skin treatment!

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    Default I am using Nioxin as a skin treatment!

    I am really pleased with the Nioxin i bought as part of my laser treatment. I have been applying it to my forehead where i had some old acne marks and they improved in two days. i am now applying it to my face each night, which i know sounds mad considering it causes temporary redness but my skin in the morning looks really lovely!! I don't exactly know why, i can only assume its because its increasing the blood flow to my face, however there is this blurb on the FAQs;

    Can NIOXIN be used on the entire body?

    Yes, the products are made of natural ingredients, safe to use in normalizing the skin all over the body. because of natural ingredients it is non-abrasive to the skin and hair. We do encourage safety precautions as with other products, such as avoiding the eyes and internal usage of the products, these precautions are listed on the bottles

    Can NIOXIN cure Psoriasis?

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which itchy scaly red patches form on parts of the body. We recommend #1 to cleanse the body and Scalp Therapy as a body moisturizer and NX3 on wound areas. NIOXIN is not a cure for psoriasis, however it is a treatment for skin disorders.

    Can NIOXIN cure Eczema?

    Exzema is a superficial inflammation of the skin, mainly affecting the epidermis. Eczema causes itching with a red rash often accompained by small blisters. NIOXIN will not cure skin disorders, however it is a treatment that can arrest the symptoms by normalizing the skin. We recommend #1 as a wash, Scalp Therapy as a body moisturizer, and NX3 on wound areas.

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    Default Question about Nioxin

    Which Nioxin product are you using? I only found their hair care products.

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    Thats the point It is marketed as a hair product but you can use it on yr face too. Its Nioxin Cytonutrient Actives.

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