In "Prescription medications" a while back, re Accutane, you wrote: "10 mgs does not usually thin the skin or increase redness in 85% of rosacea sufferers".

I was given 20 mg/twice a day a few years back for oily skin, something I suspect was way too high for just that and I also belive it has thinned my skin, but how can you be sure? Is there a way to actully check whether you have thinned skin or not, so you can either rule that out or not when deciding what to do next with your treatment? I just want to be sure so I can start with trying to re-build my skin and then, if it's necessery, move on to IPL or something similair.

I had three V-beam treatments done fairly recently. I guess that was a waste of time and money since my skin probably is so thin and I'm back where I was before doing it. The effects were impressing at first, but not very long lasting.