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    what would the side effects be of 10mg. of accutane. if one cant take accutane, what would be the next best plan. i have thickened skin, flushing, dry skin, and acne. iam taking an antibiotic of 100mg.

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    Side effects of Accutane are most frequently dry skin/lips. There are others but they occur less frequently. You must get monthly bloodwork and routine pregnancy tests.
    There are many others, I assume from your username you're a girl. You absolutely can't get pregnant while taking Accutane.

    Type in "Accutane" in the search box but check this thread out too:

    If you couldn't take Accutane, I'd want laser treatments. I don't see why you couldn't take it though. The only problems I could predict are it's off label use for rosacea and the fact that you're a girl.

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    10mg's of Singulair daily (bonus that it helps with my asthma! lol)

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