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Thread: Are the prices on this site too good to be true?

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    Default Are the prices on this site too good to be true?

    Hi all,

    I live in the UK and would like to start taking the correct doses of Ester-C, Grape Seed Extract, Borage seed oil, and Flax oil. I went into my local health store and was amazed at how much it would cost me a month to take the doses that Dr Nase recommends in his book. I would be willing to pay the amount a month if I could afford to, but as a 19 year old student I simply cannot afford to pay such high prices. I got an even bigger shock when I discovered this website

    I was amazed how much cheaper it is for our American cousins to buy the same supplements. Even with international shipping charges, and possible Import Tax, it would still work out about 3 times cheaper than if I were going to buy these supplements in the UK. Are the prices on this site too good to be true? If anybody knows much about supplements could they look at the product information for this websites Ester-C, Grape seed extract, Borage oil (in softgels) and their Flaxseed oil (also in softgels) and see if the products are any good as I donít know what to look for in supplements.
    The links to the products are:

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    James i couldn't see any shipping information on that site. Maybe i'm being blind :?

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    Here's the international shipping info:

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    Are those products have really good quality? The prices are really amazing and if you guys think they are fine, I'll order right away. please share your opinions.
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