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Thread: Is jojoba oil considered to be occlusive? nm

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    Default Is jojoba oil considered to be occlusive? nm


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    Don't know, but I used to be able to use it, no problem. Now, after a few days of using it, I look like a small pox victim. Even my forehead breaks out badly. I read that it behaves like your natural oils on your skin, so your skin slows down it's own oil production? It's supposed to do a real number on cleaning out the pores. It's just what I read. Maybe someone else here has more expert knowledge as to how it works.

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    I've been using Jojoba Oil for over 2 years now. I don't think it's occlusive at all. Quite opposite, it seems to melt into my skin after few minutes of application. And it has never casued me breakout/blemishes (But I don't have acne anyway) nor increase pap (i do have pap problem when my rosacea is at worse).

    I found it penetrates even better when apply with few drops of water. It's known that Jojoba oil is close to human sebum and therefore, skin friendly.

    I'm using Pure Clear Jojoba Oil. I've used VitaOil but found that it just stays on my skin and cause pap!! So, I'd suggest you to use pure jojoba oil within other additives.

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