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Thread: Does Prozac Help/Hurt Rosacea Flushing?

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    Default Does Prozac Help/Hurt Rosacea Flushing?

    I read something which suggested that SSRI drugs might help flushing (can't remember where I read it now) and tried Prozac. It seemed to be helping, but I started losing more hair, or at least I thought so. I looked in the PDR and it said hair loss can be a side effect, so I quit.
    Does anybody have any experience with the Prozac type drugs helping to stop flushing?

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    Prozac is not the drug you mess with! If you don't need to take it, don't take it. I've seen people get hyuuge problems over night because of that stuff.

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    I was on Celexa for awhile, then I switched to fluoxetine (generic Prozac because of the cost. I really can't say that it helps with flushing--at least in my case. I suppose it would depend on if you have social anxiety type flushing triggers then it may help in that regard.

    But if you're clinically depressed, taking an SSRI that works for you most likely would help with your overall condition. I think there's fairly good evidence to suggest that your body's natural tendency toward healing and maintanence improves as you come out of a depression.

    Anyway, I'm not a doctor, so, anyone that knows more about this please step in and correct me.

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