Has anyone had laser or IPL on their eyelids? I have a problem with the meibomian gland dysfunction and I believe Dr. Nase says laser on the eyelids MAY help. My problems are hot, burning eyes & eyelids and swelling along the lash line. The doctor in town who does this wants to see me first and that visit alone will cost $125. He uses the Coherent VersaPulse laser. His nurse said there isn't a lot of research out there about laser helping the meibomiam glands. Can he get a good idea of my problem just by looking at the eyelids? Sometimes they are not red, but at other times they are. (I have had four full face treatments with an Aura/Lyra with good results in stopping flushing. It has helped my eyes a little, but they need more help.)

Dr. Nase, when you begin your treatment center will you offer the eyelids treatment? I sure hope so.

Just wondering if anyone has done this and if you thought it improved your eye problems. (I already do the scrubs, warm compresses and take Periostat.) Thanks.