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    Not sure where to post this but can any one help. Can you suddenly get Seb Derm I have never had any problems with any thing like it before and think I may have it or something like it now. Have beed diagnosed with Rosacea for6 months and only noticed it last week????

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    About 5 years ago, I started to notice that my scalp was itchy, then it turned into full blown seb derm shortly after.. so yes I think you can suddenly get it.

    I suggest reading the other topic in this forum .. some good hints to control it.
    3 IPL and tried Accutane. Accutane stopped the oil flow but caused other problems. Now just using a mix of Sea Kelp and EGF every night.

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    My Seb Derm was, literally, overnight. I went to bed with a clear face, next morning my face was bright red, flaking, and inflamed.

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