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Thread: Am I the Only One in the World with Blackheads and Rosacea?

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    Default Am I the Only One in the World with Blackheads and Rosacea?

    Everything I seem to have read indicates that blackheads don't co-exist with rosacea.

    I started out with regular acne as a teen, and have been on antiobiotics and tretinoin for years, since. I developed seb derm in my early 20's, which has come and gone, and come again, and was prescribed hydrocortisone lotion for the skin around my nose and eyebrows and betamethasone valerate lotion for my scalp. I haven't used the steroids for many years. In my late 20's, developed mild rosacea (redness and small veins). In my early 30's the regular acne came back with a vengeance--this time with large and numerous blackheads. Now in my late 30's I have all of the above, with an all-over red face, the burning, the stinging, the ever-increasing triggers, and so on. No rosacea-type acne, yet, however. For this, I feel lucky!

    It's a bit frustrating, though, because what works for acne vulgaris, aggravates the rosacea, and vice versa. Talk about a rock and a hard place!

    Anybody else out there with similar issues?

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    I have seb derm and moderate rosacea. Seb derm is probably the reason you have blackheads. 'Acne-like conditions' are also reported with rosacea. My advice is to wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser such as Tolerin Dermo-Cleanser, go on like a 10mg/day dose of accutane, and work on clearing your seb derm before you tackle the rosacea beast. Nizoral oral tablets (ketoconazole) works well against seb derm as does Nizoral topical cream. In fact I would, in this case, recommend seeing a dermatologist for your seb derm so he could prescribe you what you need for your seb derm, but be sure to tell him that you have sensitive skin because of your rosacea. And, obviously, don't ever accept/use hydrocortisone on your face.

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