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Thread: ocular rosacea - How real is prospect of blindness?

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    Default ocular rosacea - How real is prospect of blindness?

    In about the last year i've started to experience ocular symptoms. My eyes are always blood shot. When i'm very flushed the blood pools around the iris. They often water, sting and burn. I get foreign body sensations from the uneven surface due to my dilated eye vessels and I’m loosing many eyelashes.

    With these symtoms is visual impairment even blindness a possibility? From what i've read it is extremely rare.

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    It is very rare and the signs will be quite obvious and reversible for a long time. Even if the cornea goes nowadays, the surgical replacement is excellent. No real worries. Just get a good general eye exam once every year or two and have them look for any signs of ulceration.

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