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Thread: Will this medication effect rosacea?

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    Default Will this medication effect rosacea?

    I was prescribed a combined anti-anxiety/anti-depressant today called Motival.
    The active ingredients are: 0.5mg fluphenazine hydrochloride and 10mg nortriptyline.

    I really don't want to start taking this unless I know it won't effect my rosacea or make my skin sensitive to the sun. There's no point in taking anti-depressants if they actually exacerbate the problem one is depressed by.

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    I'm pretty sure anti-depressants won't exacerbate your rosacea, or affect it in any way. However, if you are really looking for an anti-depressent, might I suggest the natural approach first? St. John's Wort is worth a try, and is safe for use with rosacea.


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