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Thread: Topical and Oral Shark Cartilage does not work

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    Default Topical and Oral Shark Cartilage does not work

    Hello Group,

    One of the focuses on rosacea treatment is to stop the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis).

    There is a lot of information on shark cartilage with regards to tumor and anti-angiogenesis and now there is some fleeting information on its use in inflammatory skin disorders.

    1. Topical -- They have not yet identified the active molecules involved and thus put shark cartilage (ground down) into creams. The proteins are much too large to pass through the skin.

    2. Oral -- I tried this for a long time without success. I have also never heard of anyone else reporting success and a few small studies done have found no benefit.

    Just trying to keep people focused and save money. Maybe this will happen down the road, but it aint happening now.

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    How about green tea or soybeans?

    Those appear to have anti-angiogenic properties, and they are fairly cheap as well.

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    There is an article in the Aug. 2005 issue of Life Extension magazine about shark liver oil being useful for cancer and for inflammatory skin disorders, presumably from the anti-angiogenic properties. They sell it, but say not to take it over 30 days without medical supervision. I think I will pass on this one. The article will probably be on their website next month.

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