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Thread: Rosacea linked to Candida??

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    Default Rosacea linked to Candida??

    40 year old male. I never had a skin condition expect hives 5 years ago then only come back when I get sweaty and I get a few red marks on my face that go away when I cool off.

    I got candida (the candida I have is only topical I guess, no pain, no gut issues) in the groin and anal region I'm guessing around 2/25/21. Around 2 weeks later my rosacea appeared. I would say its mild and is mostly redness with a few of those while puss small pimples. The rosacea looks like a light sun burn. My question is candida linked to rosacea?? My candida is 90% gone since I've been using RX stuff on it. I've been on the .75% metronidazole cream for 2 weeks now and that helps with the little puss pimples ( I only get 1-2 at a time), but doesn't help with the redness I have on my face. I just need a RX to get rid of the redness. HELP.

    Also is this considered a flare up or am I gonna be stuck with having rosacea(light sunburn looking) on my face all the time??
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