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Thread: New member, recently diagnosed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katt View Post
    I've been on the Soolantra a few weeks now. I definitely don't think these pustules are from any bacteria, or are regular acne. For some reason I think it's a kind of autoimmune response, like white blood cells attacking my skin. I'd prefer it were the mites, though...that sounds easier to get rid of. Is there a test for that?

    I did talk to my derm today about lower dose Accutane, and they said okay. So that's good. Just wish I didn't have to wait another 3 weeks to prove I'm not pregnant again.
    Ah, the Soolantra may be working! I'm basing that remote guess on the following. Demodex skin mites live on a 2 to 3 week cycle. During the first few weeks on Soolantra more mites are dying all at once than usual thanks to the Ivermectin in the Soolantra. Very typical for it to look worse at this stage. But that also means the Soolantra is working. Since you have to wait 3 weeks anyway, keep using the Soolantra. By the end of that 3 weeks you and your doctor may decide that you don't need the Accutane after all. Accutane has a history of serious side effects. Low dosage is definitely better than higher doses of Accutane due to those side effects. Demodex skin mites are extremely common, virtually all adults have them. Quite a few of us have too many demodex causing skin issues. An over population of demodex is quite possibly due to the immune system being down due to illness like the flu or stress. A healthy immune system keeps the demodex population in check. Demodex is easier to fix than an autoimmune problem.

    Yes, there are tests for demodex skin mites. They collect a small skin sample one of 2 different ways. Either they do a light skin scraping or they put some sticky glue on a microscope slide. Then place the slide on your skin, wait a minute and pull the slide off. Its about like using a pore strip. Either way the goal is to collect a sample, get it onto a microscope slide. Once they get the slide in the microscope, they try to count the number of demodex skin mites. If you have more than a "normal" number of demodex per square centimeter of skin, demodex is likely causing your skin issues. This test is a little tricky to get an accurate result since the mites do not like bright light and scuttle to the edge of the slide making it difficult to get an accurate count. A knowledgeable dermatologist knows how to do the test. Some know how but decide to skip the tricky test and treat for demodex to eliminate that possibility.

    If the problem is demodex there is a safe, 2 week, 2 drug combined treatment with cheap generic Oral Ivermectin+Oral Metronidazole that is highly effective at greatly reducing or eliminating Demodex everywhere on your body. I finally had to take the combined drug oral treatment to get a many decades long battle and serious skin and ocular rosacea issues with the evil mites under control. It worked for me.

    Treatment with topical Soolantra takes 16 weeks total to be effective and is best for milder localized cases. Soolantra isn't recommended for demodex caused eye issues Ocular Rosacea / blepharitis demodex.

    Treatment with Accutane may take months as well. Accutane greatly reduces the production of skin oil and leaves the skin thin and fragile. Accutane starves Demodex and greatly reduces their primary food source, the oil in our skin. However, Accutane doesn't kill the mites directly, it just starves the population down. The mite population may rebound after going off Accutane and the skin problems may come back.

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    I'll keep trying with the Soolantra then. But the pustules I get are enormous, I have about 4 really large ones right now. So not a ton, but very large. It's so depressing.

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