Hypocchlorous Acid Kills Coronovirus and Norovirus

NOTE: HOCl will degrade in the presence of UV light, so containers should be stored out of direct sunlight.

HOCI is produced by our white blood cells, so our body recognizes it. At 200 ppm, HOCl is also listed by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), and is listed as being safe for use on food-contact surfaces by the USDA without the requirement of a rinse step. With HOCL there are no health risks with normal use, as evidenced by all zeros on safety data sheet.

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Study on HOCL brand TK60 indicates that HOCL killed 99.997% of COVID in 30 seconds. Performs four times faster than Lysol, and 20 times faster than most disinfectants which must sit wet for 10 minutes. Unfortunately most people spray and wipe without letting other types of disinfectants sit long enough to be effective.

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