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Thread: Hypochlorous Acid Spray can be 99.9% effective in clearing bacteria, fungus and demod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch1 View Post
    Asking in the politest way possible... do you have any evidence to support these statements? Or are you speaking from personal experience?

    As I mentioned, I haven't come across any clinical papers that establish HOCI's effectiveness at killing Demodex (nymph or adult). In fact, the papers I have read seem to suggest the opposite.

    I use HOCI on my eyes but if I saw some evidence that it was broadly effective at killing Demodex I would probably start using it on the rest of my face, so I would love to read any and all information on this point that you might have come across!
    I too prefer to find research papers or medical studies that prove a product actually works.

    The overpriced Avenova HOCL spray is a product of NovaBay Pharmaceuticals. NovaBay does publicly make the claim that Avenova (0.01% HOCL) kills demodex in the nymph form. They claim that lab studies have shown this. Apparently, NovaBay has not published the research. The US Food and Drug Administration approved Aveeno as a prescription medication. The FDA does require proof that a product works before it can be approved for sale to the public. Avenova got approved. NoveBay claimed Avenova was pure and prescription grade and so worth the outrageous price. Avenova was so overpriced that insurance companies refused to pay for it ($600 USD per one ounce bottle considered a 1 month supply, instructions were to dispose of after one month and buy more). The generic equivalent can be purchased without a prescription for as little as $3 USD per ounce. It is chemically easy to make high grade, pure, HOCL with an electrolysis process.

    All the research that I have seen comparing HOCL to Tea Tree Oil for killing demodex is testing both products on adult demodex. Most studies use Tea Tree oil in a hazardous 100% concentration. Tea Tree oil that strong will kill adult demodex in about 4 minutes. It is recommended that humans use tea tree oil cut to a maximum of a 50% concentration. Most products containing Tea Tree oil have no more than a 5% to 10% concentration. They may be comparing apples and oranges as far as what the 2 products are capable of.

    I do use HOCL and have for over 3 years now. I had severe ocular rosacea and rosacea subtype 2 with papules and pustules that had been misdiagnosed for decades as bacterial acne by 4 board certified dermatologists. By 3-4 years ago, it finally got so bad that it turned into a roaring case of ocular rosacea. Based on the symptoms I believe that I did have both types of demodex: follicularum and brevis. Demodex brevis live down in the oil glands and are much harder to treat with topicals. After using 50% Tea Tree oil masks on my face twice daily and using Cliradex wipes twice daily for months the surface skin seemed better but I could not stop using the Cliradex wipes without the Demodex coming back in my eyes within a few days. I was also using HOCL spray at night and noticed after about 2 weeks that my eyes did seem less irritated. Hard to say what helped most. I ended up taking the 2 week combined 2 drug treatment with Oral Ivermectin weekly + Oral Metronidazole 3 times daily. It worked.

    For maintenance, I wash my face nightly with a face wash containing tea tree oil and follow that with HOCL spray on the face. I have had no known recurrence of demodex. The HOCL is non-irritating and actually soothing if it gets in the eyes. Tea Tree oil can be very effective but it can also be extremely irritating. You can not use strong Tea Tree oil too close to the eyes. Some eye doctors do use strong Tea Tree oil to scrub the eye lids and lure the demodex out of the pores. They do this lid scrubbing procedure after numbing the eye area with a topical anesthetic. Patients screaming in pain are not good for business.-) The Cliradex wipes use a tea tree oil extract but I believe that it is no stronger than 10%. Tea Tree Oil and HOCL both work. But as I said they apparently don't work on demodex the same way. And yes HOCL treatment will take longer than 100% tea tree oil. If demodex brevis are part of the problem, the 2 week oral treatment may work best.
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    Thanks for the research!

    I have bought hypochlorous acid from amazon, under the brand name Natrasan and was iffy about trying it. I think I might give a go. The instructions are that it is suitable for eyes and the face.

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    Default Hypochlorous spray update

    just sprayed my face today after a run to the chemist. Unfortunately this time my face went pink immediately and still a little pink on my cheeks and chin an hour after.

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