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Thread: Capsaicin gel/cream on the face. good or bad idea?

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    Question Capsaicin gel/cream on the face. good or bad idea?

    I've been very hesitant to try this, because eating spicy food is a massive intense trigger for my redness so God knows what would happen if put something like chilli directly on my face; apparently this is also a vasodilator. When I've been reading reviews of people putting this on their knee joints they say it works BUT upon application it burns like hell and irritates the skin.. that makes me very nervous.

    I've read of people with rosacea using it for nerve pain, does it help with redness though? Or potentially make it a lot worse. I don't want another mirvaso like rebound.

    I do have nerve pain but not really that bad, my problem has always been trying to cure the redness, so if this is going to just cure the pain but not do anything for redness it's not really worth it for me . Anyway I'm really on the fence about trying this.. please help me decide

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    Not aware of capsaicin used as a topical, but have heard that Capsaicin is one of the flushing avoidance treatments that some have used to prevent flushing. If you do jump into this, post your results.
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    I am all for experiments and undertake far too many of them myself, but, I'd be very wary of trying topical capsaicin.

    The initial massive increase in inflammation may take on a life of it's own and you may find you can't resolve it.
    In addition, if it activates other pathways you won't have any way of addressing them. The TRPV1 receptor, which is overly expressed in our faces and hypersensitive to stimuli, isn't the only defective 'component'.

    With that said, there is another member who made his own formula and used it with some success. Perhaps you could make your own as well, or at least really dilute any product you purchase.

    Another member took oral capsaicin with some success.
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    I once had capsicum muscle oil/lotion and got some on my more sensitive parts and it is not an experience I would like to try again so just be careful.

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