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Sorry but i dont know how i get it. The thing with me is that i developed a few pimples on my legs and genital area, this is common in scabies but with demodex? i dont read any paper that explains pimples in that zones with demodex, maybe someone here knows about it.
Demodex can be anywhere on your body that has oil glands. That includes all parts of the body except for the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Yes you can get demodex in the areas mentioned. What you are describing could also be caused by bacteria. Demodex typically cause blackheads, skin papules and skin pustules (die offs of mites). In the papules or in pockets just below the skin surface, you may get pockets of what is sometimes referred to as "pore cheese". Pore cheese is white or off white in color and somewhat like cream cheese in consistency - it may be somewhat stringy if removed with gentle pressure. The pore cheese contains dead skin, oil and other debris from the mites similar to what is found in a blackhead.